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#1: Another translating please Author: VincenzaLocation: Michigan PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2008 4:25 pm
I just received this from the wonderful Ann Tatagnelo

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#2: Re: Another translating please Author: liviomorenoLocation: Rome (Italy) PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 3:55 am
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The year 1862, day 29, month March at 4.00pm.
In front of us Giacomo xxxx, mayor and State Civil Officer of the municipality of Sora, Province of Terra di Lavoro, appeared Teresa De Santis, 62, custodian of the "wheel of the rejected", living in Sora, who has presented a baby-girl, that we have visibly recognized, and she has declared that she found her, last evening towards 8:00 pm, in the above mentioned wheel, wrapped up in a cloth and without any sign.
The same (Teresa De Santis) has declared to give the bay-girl the name of Mariafrancesca GIANCARLO.
The presentation and declaration was made in front of Domenico Conte and Nicola Carnevare, farmers living in Sora.

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The newborn baby described on the back page was baptized on March 29, 1862

The so-called "Ruota dei projetti" ("wheel of the rejected"): was a revolving mechanism used to leave the children "rejetti", "projetti", abandoned by their mothers.

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#3: Re: Another translating please Author: VincenzaLocation: Michigan PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:07 am
Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it.

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