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Page Topic: Good Morning President Obama!
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#16: Re: Good Morning President Obama! Author: alanmercieca PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 8:40 pm
Me being from the USA I agree with you and disagree with you as well.

There were lots of people who voted for Obama because he'd make a much better president just like there were lots of people that voted for or against him for the wrong reasons.

I am not sure if you are right that he had lots of support because of his race I am sure that is some of the reason just like that is some of the reason that some people did not vote for him.

stevenspringer wrote:
I believe that obama won due to his race and I also believe that sarah palin really messed things up for john mccain... if john mccain would of picked Romney, Mccain and Romney would get getting ready for the white house. But alot of people who voted, voted based on race and NOT understanding policies. Howard Stern had guys walking in the street talking to obama "supporters" and questioning them saying Obamas policys were mccains and Mccains were obamas, and they agreed with Obama (even though they told them mccains policies instead)

#17: Re: Good Morning President Obama! Author: alanmercieca PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 8:50 pm
Americans in general are still very gullible.

An American can have a strong view on something and then someone says something that sounds good and that American will have a new view instantly as if his or her other view never even existed.

Americans in general do not understand that just because something sounds good does not make it true

Although the right person will be president and that is what matters

Carole wrote:
It's 5.09 am here and history has just been made.
I'm not an American, but I'm crying too... America has today really grown up (in the nicest possible sense).

Now the work begins for the USA AND THE REST OF US TOO!

What an exciting time we have ahead of us!

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