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Page Topic: Just curious about the ancestry Italian records
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#1: Just curious about the ancestry Italian records Author: ElevenLocation: New York PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:43 pm
I think I first became aware of ancestry getting some Italian records online, in around May, when James posted about it. I know that made me very excited. So, excited, that I saved the link and went there constantly to see if anything had been added. Of course, nothing was (that quickly).

Later on, in the summer, I think Nuccia posted about ancestry looking for indexers, also. I was already indexing for the FHL by then.

Last night, after not looking for ages, I went to check if ancestry had any new Italian records. I noticed a couple of more, than what had been there before. I think they are getting this stuff out there pretty quickly.

This made me take another look at the ancestry page where you can sign up to index. I just wanted to see if there was a list, like the fhl has (which is public), listing all of the projects currently being worked on.

I almost missed what they had listed, it was way down the bottom, and only listed a few things..which none were Italian.

I wondered then..who was indexing these Italian records.

I then found the Italian Ancestry main page. With my hit and miss, Italian..I didnt see them looking for anyone to index..or any info which would lead me to believe that the Italians in Italy are doing that indexing.

Anyway..I am just curious. At this point, I am sticking with the fhl..but was wondering if anyone knows who is indexing the Italian records..and if there is any list available of what is coming next.

By the way..this is for selfish reasons...I am just dying for them to get my towns. I would even be happy with the towns that I already have all of the info for.

I really find this all so very exciting. Who would have ever thought they..or anybody would get all of this stuff out there. It is such a pleasure to view these things from your own your leisure.

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