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#31: Re: Surname Collomosse Author: CaroleLocation: Valtellina - Near Lake Como PostPosted: Sat Feb 07, 2009 10:40 pm
Well the only 'similar' name (which you had already mentioned) which I found some information on in Italy was COLAMUSSI. I found no other names that had any resemblance.

What I found were these names:

Giulia Colamussi
Gender: Female Birth: About 1571 Of, Rutigliano, Bari, Italy

Giulia Colamussi
Gender: Female Marriage: 07 APR 1592 Casamassima, Bari, Italy

Vincenzo Colamussi
Gender: Male Birth: About 1810 Turi, Bari, Italy

Vincenzo Colamussi
Gender: Male Marriage: Before 1836 Turi, Bari, Italy
Wife: Antonia Pascalicchio Birth: About 1810

Son: Vito Modesto Colamussi
Gender: Male Birth: 1836 Turi, Bari, Italy

Vito Modesto Colamussi
Gender: Male Marriage: 16 JAN 1864 Turi, Bari, Italy
Wife Giulia Maria Carenza. Birth: 1838
Her Father: Giovanni Carenza
Her Mother: Maria Lucrezia Palmisani OR Palmisano

As you can see they are all from near Bari - Turi, Rutigliano and Casamassima which as you can see >HERE< are very near to one another.

Doesn't mean they're 'your' ancestors, but it may be a step in the right direction....

If you want anymore details let me know and I'll see what more I can find.

#32: Re: Surname Collomosse Author: Collops PostPosted: Sat Jul 04, 2015 4:12 am
Hi my name is Sarah and my maiden name is Collomosse. I was born in Thornhill in Yorkshire. I have been following your comments with interest to see if you managed to find John Collomosse's birth place. Have you read the article "Tambourine Boy" in the Dewsbury Reporter? Please let me know if you do find any new information. I have the family tree which just goes back to John Collomosse the same as you.

-> Northern Italy

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