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Page Topic: The Dork Empire Strikes Back!
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#1: The Dork Empire Strikes Back! Author: CaroleLocation: Valtellina - Near Lake Como PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 6:38 am
Yes - you've guessed. It's now official - I AM A QUALIFIED DORK!

Yesterday when sorting out the intricacies of the new server for the forum, I recieved the invoice....

Well the invoice showed three sums - all allied to our sever purchase and the last showed that it was all paid and the balance was 'NIL'

It's just that I looked at it and worked out that it had just cost me nearly 8 times more than I thought it would neclord ..... HTG - I nearly had another heart attack. Nuccia was busy with something else and said to hang on and she would have a look. But I decided to break the habit of a lifetime and I responded immediately (BIIIIG mistake!)

So I rattled off my question to the Billing Dept. and in doing so I put my left foot firmly in my blo*dy mouth.... hide

This is what I sent them..... (and if I hear anyone laugh, 'Dorky Babe' will be really hurt!)

Can you please confirm to me exactly how much will be charged to my Visa Card account for the service for

I asked a question on this and was told that it was $XXX for the first two years then continue at the rate in use then.

Now I have been sent an invoice that shows this:

What are these other charges of $XXX and $XXX for please?

So from $XXX I suddenly find I'm in for $XXXX!!!

Tell me you're joking!

Yep - that's what I sent them..... Nuccia came back and read what I'd sent and couldn't speak for laughing! Evil or Very Mad
The second larger figure was a discount and taking it away from the first figure it left what I was due to pay

So then -'Cap in hand' I sent this to the billing dept.

Hi Carla,
Thank you for not laughing out loud at this 'dork'.... My friends don't call me 'Dork Vader' for nothing you know .

But I had barely clicked on 'send' when I realised what was what! I hang my head in shame and embarrassment .... what can I say? Bet you don't get too many '68 year old Daft Brits' like me do you?

Sincere apologies for giving you (perhaps) the laugh of the month!

Best wishes,

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