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#1: I'm back.. Author: Michelle09 PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2009 11:11 pm
Hello all,
I have been offline due to work, school and pc issues but now I'm back. This has been a great summer for me. I've gotten in touch with my cousins that I grew up with and together with them and my cousin in Italy I have pieced together valuable parts of my ancestory. My family is HUGE and getting bigger.
I've learned alot of personal issues with my family and have obtained 2 of the original passports of my grandmother when she came to New York with my father and aunt. I have pictures of gravestones, some with pictures that put faces to names, plus ships manifests which I obtained from the help you guys gave me. I'm trying to keep this short but I'm so excited!
I have not yet sent off for a birth/death act on my great grandfather. That is my next step. I remember reading from a page on this site the proper way to go about requesting this information. My great grandparents lived in southern Italy, Guardialfierra. How do I research to find the address on where to request the "act" and does it make a difference whether I ask for a birth or death act? Thanks much! ~michelle~

#2: Re: I'm back.. Author: nucciaLocation: Toronto, Ontario, Canada PostPosted: Wed Oct 14, 2009 3:50 am
Welcome Back Michelle!

It's great when things start to come together, isn't it? I still get excited when I receive new information about my family or find a record I need so don't worry about keeping it short!

I haven't done too much researching this summer and last night I was starting to get all itchy. I think it's getting to me so hopefully I can get myself motivated enough to pick myself up and start again. I always find this is the best time of year for researching for some reason.

The address for the City Hall is below. The request should be made in Italian.

Corso Umberto, 26
86030 Guardialfiera

If you like, write a letter in English in the translation board and one of our members will help you translate it. I still always seem to need help with my requests so I ask the experts.

Keep us posted and glad to see you back! Very Happy

-> Where do I begin?

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