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Page Topic: Almighty Colorado River!
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#1: Almighty Colorado River! Author: Lafaso870 PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:41 am
There were three friends who enjoyed rapid shooting on some of the largest rivers in the world but had yet to go on their dream vacation to shoot rapids on the almighty Colorado River. After much planning, they finally arranged to go together on a 7-day excursion staying at a remote log cabin. As the morning sun rose, they planned their day to shoot rapids. Off they went down the river weaving around the wide bends and shooting mighty rapids. Up ahead there were large three foot rapids which would surely challenge their abilities. Confidently they pressed on. Got tossed and turned around, with all three falling off the raft into the almighty Colorado River. In a bit of panic, they all managed to get back safely on shore with their lives. All were drenched and soaking wet except for one guy抯 hair. Why was that? Because he was bald!!

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