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#1: Please please I need help Mazzone/i Author: dmalfyLocation: North Wales UK PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:50 am
Hi, I’m new to this site so I am still trying to find my way around!
I have now been researching my family for over 14 years however I still keep coming up with the same old stumbling block which is I do not know where my ancestors originally came from In Italy.
I am not sure if any one on here will be able to help but I am so desperate now to find out My quest has been a long one but often rewarding to but I have come to the point where I am asking my self will I ever find out or indeed is it time to give up!
I’m not quite sure how much information I should put on here but I guess every little bit helps. I can only presume that the information can be very confusing as there are several variants’ to the name in which I go by now which is Mazzone/Mazzoni
My immediate family
Me Born 1964
Dad: Michael Patrick Mazzone B:1938 D:2002 Born Chester Cheshire uk
Gandad: Roco Lawrence, Given sir name Marcho (after 1901) Mazzone Born Tredegar South Wales uk
Great Grandparents’ Antonio Mazzone other names used Marco Marcho, Mazzo, Mazzoni and Mazzone!
Francesca Pont. Ponti Panea Ponio after 1901 Deponeo and Diponio
1911 Census Chester, Cheshire UK
Head: Antonie Mazzone, Age 54 Married 27 yrs 8 children born 7 surviving. Summer Ice maker summer organ Grinder Born Italian Resident Italian
Wife: Frances Mazzone age 51, worker as above, born as above Italian.
!901 Census Wrexham North Wales Uk
Head: Antonio Marco- age 41 – Organ Grinder- Born: Val sub Italian
Wife : Frances Marco-age 40 Born: Val Sub Italian.
1891 Census Swansea Glamorgan south Wales
Head: Anthony Marcho, Ice Cream Vendor, Born Naples Italy
Wife Frances Marcho Born Naples Italy.
Marriage Certificate of Antonio and Francesca 1883 Cardiff
Antonio Mazzo: age 24- Spinster – Street Organ Player- Farther Kito* Mazzo deceases- Musician.
Francesca Ponda: age 23- Spinster- Father Rocco Ponda- Musician
Witness’s to Marriage were Alexanda Cascarini and Bridget Barry
Angelo Ponts-Born 17 Sept 1885 Cardiff. Father Sabastion Coliz (crossed out) -Mother Francesca Ponts. After 1901 he used the Name Angelo Deponeo until he dies in Chester in 1955. On Francesca death certificate in 1934 Chester Angelo stated he was her son! On Antonio’s death Certificate Angelo Stated that he was his step son. On the 1891 census it says that Angelo was born in London about 1894! However on all other it states Cardiff as does his Birth certificate.
Joseph Pond-Born 16 April 1888- Swansea Work house Glamorgan. South Wales. No Father given Mother Angelina Pond. On his marriage certificate he named his father as Antonio Mazzone (deceaced) however Antonio was still alive.
Fisrst known son!
Joan Baptista Mazzone Born 25 Feb 1890 Merthyr Tydfill County of Glamorgan South Wales. Father Antonio Mazzone. Traveling Musician. Mother Francesca Ponia. Although he was born a Mazzone in the 1891 Census they were named as Marcho! And on the 1901 census Marco.
Conjitta Marcho: Born 6th Febuary 1892 Bridgend County of Glamorgan South Wales. Farther Antonio Marcho. Ice Cream Maker. Mother Francesca formally Ponda On the 1901 Census she was named as Brigida and after she was know as Congetti No trace of them haveng another daughter with the name Brigida although there was a daughter born Mary Mazzone in chester in 1911 mother;s name was Brigida father unknown, Soon after Conjetta married.
Son (my Grandad)
Orocho Laurence Marcho. Born 6th September 1894. Tredegar, County of Monmouth South Wales.
Father Anthony Marcho- Ice cream Merchant. Mother Frances Ponty After 1901 census he then used the name Mazzone until he dies in the 1948 in North Wales.
Gerald Marco. Born 23rd October 1896 Father Anthony Marco. Green Grocer. Mother frances Marco Formaly Deponto. Later he was also known as Gellat, Geraldo and Gerald Laurence Mazzone.
Philmania Mazzone (Marco on the 1901 Census) Born 27th March 1901Wrexham North Wales. Father Antonio Mazzone Organ Grinder. Mother Frances Dapponia. Philmania was named on the 1901 census as Florie Marco but she was born a month earlier. Within the same household there was another baby Born Mary Mazzone. Father Carmine Mazzone. Lived in Liverpool. Mother Anton Cozzi married in 1896 in Senerchia Italy all first names of Carmine Mazzone, Antonio Mazzone, Angelo Deponio, Joseph Diponio, Juan, conjetta, and Rocco’s Children are carried through the generations!
Angelo Deponeo 1885- 1955 Married Maria Rosa Ilbrandan Di Bianco 1882 Italy died Chester 1948. Had 15 Children all Deponeos.
Joseph Diponio . 1888-1953 Married Maria Gentili father Girolamo Gentili from Pozzili* first 3 Children were named Marco after the rest were Diponio, Deponeo.
Juhan Baptista married Mary Gizzi in 1909 Chester her Father Michael Angelo Gizzi (i have a copy of his passport and his wife’s birth certificate from Italy. They went on to have 4 Children all Mazzone’s.
Concetta/j Marries Luigi Perella in 1913 Chester Father Justino Perella (Italy) they had 4 Children all died I cannot find any trace of Concetta since the death of her fourth child in 1917.
Rocco Married Amy Pope in 1913 but she died after giving birth to her son Peter Laurence in 1929. He then re-married my gan Emily reid/reed in 1935 He had 6 Children 2 of which died after 1 yr or at birth Felice Mazzone and John Laurence Mazzone.
Gerald was never married
Philmania marries twice first marriage was Norman Cruse second not sure.
The only Antonio that I can find who was born in Italy in 1859/60 was in Modena Serramazzoni . But this does not fit as any of the first names do not match within our family I have not been able to find when or how he moved to the uk or any trace of him before 1883 the only thing I did find was in 1851 entry to uk fro France were 2 Mazzone’s can not make out the first names and no age given why this stood out was because there was another passenger on board with the name Cascarani which was the name of a given witness to their marriage in 1883 however I know the year is way to early to be Antonio. I have also relentlessly researched the name Alexanda Cascarini but with no luck at all. I did however many many years find entry for an Antonio age 12 in 1871 who was I think Marcho or Dimarco and he was the Nephew this was on a 1771 sensus but on board a vessal I will try and search for this again and update you all.
Oh dear I really do pray some one can help or guide me to what I can do next.
Many many thanks just for taking the time to read.

#2: Re: Please please I need help Mazzone/i Author: nucciaLocation: Toronto, Ontario, Canada PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 3:44 am
This is a lot of information! It's going to take a while to go through it all so be patient. Hopefully we can help you.

#3: Re: Please please I need help Mazzone/i Author: dmalfyLocation: North Wales UK PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 8:37 am
Dear Nuccia, thank you for your reply! Sorry i put so much information I think i did go over the top I think it is because I have been researching my tree now for many many years but with no luck. I do have all the document Wedding certificate all the census and birth certificates of Antonio and Francesca's children from the uK, I also have a photo of Antonio and Francesca not sure if it will help you to see then but i am more than willing to post them if you think it will help!
kind regards

#4: Re: Please please I need help Mazzone/i Author: nucciaLocation: Toronto, Ontario, Canada PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:55 am
Hi Jacky -

At this point I think you have a couple of options. You can try searching through the Family Search site. They have records from Naples and maybe you can find their birth acts. Since you have so many names and variations of surnames you could possible be able to pick out who they are . You might have another clue - Looks like Rocco was named after Francesca's father so I would look for Antonio's father's to name to possible be Giuseppe since the first son is named that - they may have followed a naming tradition .

You might want to write away to Naples Town Hall - in Italian- and request copies of the births but I think you should try family search first since Naples is the place listed for birth and it's possible they were born in a town NEAR Naples.

-> Where do I begin?

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