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Page Topic: Response from Florence Archives
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#1: Response from Florence Archives Author: mazzie74 PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 7:33 am
Hi again,

I had originally requested 7 certificates from the online archive service from the Florence Archives.

They told me what certificates were available and told me the price to pay.

I paid for all seven.

They sent me 4 of them - and when I asked where the other three were, they said they had gone missing and asked me if I had moved them when I visited the archives - I had never visited the archives, and had never even been to Italy, so they must have mis-placed them.

I waited a few months and asked them if they had found them, but they sent me a reply saying they had already told me they were missing so I couldn't have them.

They never refunded me the difference.

Anyway, I found two of the missing documents online from the antenati site.

The one remaining one I am missing is not on there, so I have contacted the online archive service again to ask if they could find it (as I had already paid for it two years ago).

I can't work out from their response if they are going to help me.

Can you tell me if they are going to help me from their response?

Buongiorno, la pratica con i documenti da lei richiesti fu visionata dal funzionario addetto a questo fondo ed ebbe delle difficoltà a reperire le immagini in base ai dati da lei forniti. Ho ritirato fuori la pratica del 2011 da lei inviata e c'è scritto che la segnatura non risulta corretta o non è sufficiente per l' individuazione della carta, comunque stamani ho restituito le fotocopie della pratica al funzionario per un ulterire controllo.
Cordiali saluti



#2: Re: Response from Florence Archives Author: liviomorenoLocation: Rome (Italy) PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:19 am
Good morning, your requested was viewed by the officer of this fund and he had difficulties in obtaining the images based on the information you provided. I picked out the again the request that you sent in 2011 and there is a notation stating that the info provided is not correct or is not sufficient to identify the document, however this morning I returned the photocopies of the request to the clerk for a further check.

In few words they will check again if the document is there...

#3: Re: Response from Florence Archives Author: mazzie74 PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:26 am
Thanks for that,



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