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#1: Portuguese in Genova Author: pedrodias PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 5:37 pm
Hello everyone.

I'm new to the forum and I recently discovered one ancestor of mine was born in Italy. I'm Portuguese, and so far, all my family is from Portuguese origin, so I'm quite interested in finding out more about this particular ancestor of mine.

I don't have much information about him, and I'm don't really know where I can research more information about him and his ancestors. If anybody could help, I'd be very grateful. Smile I'm mainly looking for his birth certificate or his parents wedding certificate.

In return, if any of you ever needs to research ancestors in Portugal, I might be of help.

This is what I know of my ancestor:

Name: Antonio Marques
Son of Domingos Marques & Angela Marqueza
Born: São Jacome, Genova, Italy (I believe that's San Giacomo, Genova?)
Estimated date of birth: between 1770-1790

At some point he moved to Lisbon before 1806 and he married for the first time in 1806 in Lisbon, to Victorina Rosa, living the rest of his life in Mafra, Portugal.

I don't know if his parents were Portuguese or Italian. His father name is a very typical Portuguese name, the mother name however, is not.

In that time frame where I believe he might have been born Genova was the capital of the Genoa Republic, if I'm not mistaken, just before it was annexed by France. Are there still records available of that time period and location?

The names are written in Portuguese, Sao Jacome I believe is San Giacomo, and Antonio Marques, Son of Domingos Marques & Angela Marqueza are also written in Portuguese, I can only try to guess what's the Italian version of them, but I'm no pro.

Any help would be appeciated.
Pedro Dias

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