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#1: surname Trentacosta - Trying to Locate Author: darrentrentacosta PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2014 3:02 pm
I am trying to locate the birth records of my great-great grandfather, his 2 brothers and their parents.

What I know is the following:

Frank Trentacosta
(Frank being his American name, maybe he was Francisco, Federico???)
Born approximately 1843

Concetta Lennoie Trentacosta
(Lennoie was listed as her maiden name...could be mispelled)
Born approximately 1834 - 1843

Frank, Concetta and Carmeli arrived Ellis Island in NYC approximately 1900 and then traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana to become farmers.

In Carmeli's death certificate he listed Bolognetta, Palermo, Sicily as his birth place.

Frank and Concetta's 3 sons were:

James Ciro Trentacosta
Born: September 1, 1879

Peter Trentacosta
Born: 1869

Carmeli Trentacosta
Born: June 17, 1877

Unfortunately I lived in Milano and never had the time to travel to Sicily.

Any information or help would greatly be appreciated...I am documenting the Italian population of New Orleans.

Darren Trentacosta
darrentrentacosta @

-> Where do I begin?

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