Why spend the $20 a month that many genealogy and Family Tree sites ?
Sunday, October 05, 2014 (19:34:10)

Posted by FullFamilyTree

The Genealogy market really does need a free place for people to hold and store family information.
Most users are just not willing to spend the $20 a month that many genealogy sites want to charge just to have a place hold their Family Information . Many people start a family tree on one of these sites and then stop the service because they have a period where they don't work on the family research .
Some people will take this information and store it in a place on their computer in a file format like a gedcom file. But the information sits there and it's of no use to anyone.

Some people just stop the service and lose the ability to go any farther with the research.
In rare occasions, someone will find a way to put the information on a website built specifically for their own family. For instance, say Jimmy Smith has decided to publish his family's information on a personalized website. He might secure the web address JimmySmithFamilyTree and put his Family Tree and corresponding data up for various family members to take a look at.

The problem is, this way of doing things is not a good way for all families because most families lack that technology savvy person who can create a website on their own. And this information sitting on a single person's computer is of no use to anyone else in the family.
There is no doubt though that most Genealogy Website offer a service well worth the $20 a month they typically charge. But these services are for the more hard-core ancestor . And the money a hard-core family member spends on these services each month is well worth it. These services often have many databases and stores of data a user can tap into and make use of while researching their family.

But once a hard-core researcher has reached a point where they are satisfied with where they are in the process or if they decide they need to take a break from researching, they need a place to hold that information and not pay the $20 a month.
In addition, that user will also want to be able to share the information they have collected. They will want to be able to show family members a family history and surnames beyond the basic knowledge everyone in the family generally knows.
FullFamilyTree.com is a place where someone can create their tree, upload photos, create comments for family members profiles, and pay nothing for the service.

Content received from: Gente di Mare Italian Genealogy, http://gentedimaregenealogy.com