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FHC Newsletter
Want to share something new or just have fun? You can do that here.

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Author Message

Joined: Jul 10, 2007
Posts: 4375
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 11:22 pm    Post subject: FHC Newsletter Reply with quote

I just wanted to share this weeks newsletter from my FHC. I helped organize it and part two should appear in the next one. If your site does not appear here, it should appear in next weeks.

Toronto Family History Centre
Toronto Family History Centre Bulletin 47/2008 November 27, 2008
Editor: Gwen Armstrong
In this Bulletin
Helen Billing returning next week - Gwen ecstatic
Happy Thanksgiving to our American subscribers

What’s New


The Forum

One new question - more always needed

Were You Aware …

Italian Links and Guides


Helen Billing, your real bulletin editor, will be back next week. I have enjoyed writing for you these past three weeks, and thank her for the opportunity. That doesn't mean I want her to go away again any time soon...

Additions to our Permanent Collections

We have received a donation of CD's from Shirley Lancaster. They are in the process of being catalogued and will be listed in an upcoming bulletin.

What’s New
James Thomson sent us a notice this past week of the launch of Europeana www.europeana.eu on 20 Nov 2008. Internet users around the world will be able to access more than two million books, maps, recordings, photographs, archival documents, paintings and films from national libraries and cultural institutions of the EU's 27 Member States. To read more about it check out the British Library press release. www.bl.uk/news/2008/pr...81120.html

Currently they are victims of their own success. With over 10 million hits per hour since its launch, they have had to temporarily shut down. They promise to be up and running again in mid-December after a major revamp of their servers.

The Forum


Q1/47/2008. England

I’ve obtained a relative, Rose Kemp’s birth certificate; she was born in the St Pancras Workhouse in London, England in 1902. No father’s name or occupation is given. The mother is listed as an Emma Kemp who is a Domestic Servant of 97, Harrison Street, a short walk from the workhouse. I cannot find Emma Kemp in the 1901 England census and though workhouse records for the period exist and reside at the London Metropolitan Archives I can find no online source to assist me. Can anyone suggest other courses of action?


Q1/46/2008. Ireland / England / Canada

Michael Joseph O'Meara was born in Boyle, Roscommon, Ireland, 7 Oct 1873. He immigrated to Canada about 1900. He joined the Toronto Police Force on 2 Oct 1900 and retired 22 Apr 1935. He had been a member of the West Surrey Militia in England. How would I confirm his membership in both organizations and is it possible to confirm his date of entry to Canada?

We are still working on this question from last week and hope to have some definite answers soon.

Were You Aware

It is no secret that our newletter has a decidedly British slant. We make no apologies, the British Isles are what the Toronto FHC volunteers are most familiar with. We are, however, aware that a great many of you are successfully searching in other countries.

According to Wikipedia, "as of the 2006 census 1,445,335 Canadians (4.6% of total population) consider themselves to be of Italian origin, as well as 4,360 (0.01% of the total population) who considered themselves as Sicilian. In 1881, only 1849 Canadians claimed to be Italian. A substantial influx began in the early twentieth century when over a hundred thousand Italians moved to Canada. They mainly immigrated to Toronto and Montreal, both of which still have large Italian communities. A second wave of immigration occured after the Second World War."

With this in mind I would like bring your attention to some terrific websites available for Italy. I do not have an extensive knowledge of Italian Family History and would like to thank Erminia Pisecny for her assistance. The links you find below have all come from her. In fact so many have come from her, that we will have to continue them in next week's bulletin.

Italian Genealogy Forums:

· Carini Exchange cariniexchange.forumup.com/ - Carini Sicily Forum

· Salvatoreandco Forum salvatoreandco.net/forum3/index.php – Dedicated to the people of San Sant' Elia Fiumerapido, Frosinone

· Gente di Mare Italian Genealogy Forum gentedimaregenealogy.com/ - This is Erminia’s site, where the aim is to help their members undertake research themselves by offering guidance on where and how to find what they are looking for.

· Il Circolo Calabrese www.circolocalabrese.org/ - Dedicated to the preservation and study of the history, culture, language and genealogy of the Italian region of Calabria.

· Italian Genealogy italiangenealogy.tardio.com/ - Largest genealogy forum on the internet today and it has been around since 1994.

Italian Surname Databases and Websites: A great way to make contact with others researching your surnames.

· Calabria Surname Database www.circolocalabrese.o...rnames.asp - Submit your Calabrese Surnames

· Comunes of Italy www.comunesofitaly.org/

· Genealogy Links www.genealogylinks.net...index.html

· Gente di Mare Italian Genealogy www.gentedimareitalian...alogy.com/ – Both a personal and informational site with many resource links and tools

· IGG Surname Database www.italiangen.org/surdatabase.stm

· Il Circolo Calabrese www.circolocalabrese.org/- Dedicated to the preservation and study of the history, culture, language and genealogy of the Italian region of Calabria

· Italian Genealogy Online www.angelfire.com/ok3/...oards.html – and all things Italian Ancestry Genealogical Research Site

· Italian Genealogy & Family History genealogy.about.com/od...istory.htm - Italy is rich in genealogy and family history resources. Learn how to find Italian records, get free research tutorials and outlines for Italy, search free Italian genealogy databases, learn about Italian naming patterns, plus many other resources to help you trace your family tree in Italy.

· Italian Immigration Database www.daddezio.com/genea...ships.html – D’Addezio Italian Genealogy Pages

· Italianrus.com www.italiansrus.com/re...abases.htm - Your guide to Italy & Italian Culture on the Web

· Italian Surname Database www.gentedimaregenealo.../data.html - Containing over 800 viewer submitted surnames and growing everyday.

· Links to Websites with Italian Records www.cariniexchange.org/Comune.html - Alphabetical listing of websites with extracted records or images.

· Pie Name Search Databases www.cimorelli.com/pie/...bnames.htm - Pursuing our Italian Names Together is a mailing list for Italian discussion and research


* Italian White Pages www.paginebianche.it/index.html
* Italian Surname Distribution gens.labo.net/en/cognomi/
* Italy Events and Time Periods www.familysearch.org/E...;Juris1=98
* Research Outline www.familysearch.org/e...=Italy.ASP – Italy Research Outline
* Research Guide www.familysearch.org/e...=Italy.ASP – Finding Records of your Ancestors in Italy 1809-1910
* Cyndi’s List www.cyndislist.com/italy.htm – Italy Resource Links
* Italian Studies Resource Guide www.capital.net/~debhi...alStud.htm - The purpose of this guide is to bring together some essential sources for research in Italian history, language and literature. Included are both primary and secondary sources. It consists of mostly Italian language sources published in Italy, with some American sources in English and selected Internet sites.
* Italian Genealogy Online www.anzwers.org/free/i...earch.html – How to do Your Own Research

Films received in the 7 days ending 27 November 2008, due for return (unless renewed) 04 December 2008.

Film Content

Film No

AUT OOE Buchkirchen Cath. PR 1925-1940


CAN BC Death Registrations 1930


CAN BC Marriage Registrations 1896


CAN ON 1926 M Perth Country


DEU BAY Burgkirchen Cath. Births 1839-1875


DEU BAY Regensburg Marr. Petitions A-E


DEU BAY Regensburg resident docs.R-Z 1855-


DEU PRU Posen Kopnitz 1900-1909 Births


DEU PRU Posen Kopnitz BMDs 1821-1895


DEU WUE Goldburghausen PR 1637-1864


ENG KEN Lewisham BTs 1801-1809


ENG LAN Everton Necropolis burials 1825-45


ENG LIN Stainby BT 1562-1812


ENG LIN Stainby PR 1653-1836


ENG MDX St Pancras Old Church bapt 1854-55


ENG MDX St Pancras Old Church bapt 1856-58


ENG MDX St Pancras Old Church bapt 1858-63


ENG NFK Rockland All Saints PR 1697-1936


ENG SOM Newton-St. Loe PRs 1538 - 1888


ENG YKS Stonegrave BTs 1598 - 1856


FRA MOS Vulmont BMD 1872-1892


FRA VSG Martigny Les Bains BMD 1793-1829


HUN Incoming Settlers 'G' to 'H'


IRL ARM Seagoe RC PR 1836-1881


IRL WAT Lismore Ballysg't School Reg 1870-


POL Warsaw Civ. Reg. Cyrkul III 1818


POL Warsaw Civ. Reg. Cyrkul VIII 1825


A patron wishing to view a film ordered by another patron should check first with staff. The patron who ordered the film will always have priority.

Any patron may renew a film ordered by another patron although the original patron's name will continue to appear on the label. The description of the film given above may not be a full description. A film number search in the Family History Library Catalog will reveal the full content of the film. The geographical abbreviations used above are based on the Chapman codes.

Toronto Family History Centre Current Opening Hours.

(Always phone us if you do not have a booking to ensure that we are open.)

Monday 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Tuesday 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

Wednesday 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

Thursday 9.30 a.m. to 12 noon. Closed evenings in November.

Friday 9.30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Saturday 9.30 a.m. to 12 noon.

You can request, by email, a copy of a searchable listing of all the films, fiche, CDs and books held at the Toronto Family History Centre. These will be sent to you as a pdf file attachment to an email but are about 2Mb in size and so high-speed internet connection is desirable.

Should you decide that you no longer wish to receive this bulletin, reply to this email with the word "Delete" in the subject line.

Toronto Family History Centre

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
24 Ferrand Drive (Don Mills & Eglinton) M3C 3V4 Phone: 416 422 5480 Ext. 111.

Email: Toronto_FHC @ bellnet.ca

Italian Surname Database

Calabria Exchange
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Joined: Jul 10, 2007
Posts: 4375
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:22 pm    Post subject: Re: FHC Newsletter Reply with quote

Here's this weeks newsletter:

Were You Aware…

Erminia Pisecny has sent us many more websites which deal with Italian surname databases and websites as well as a number of Spanish and South American guides.

Italian Surname Databases and Websites:

A great way to make contact with others researching your surnames.

Records of Cervicati www.auroraforge.com/ge.../index.htm

Records of Malito freepages.genealogy.ro...to2-e.html -

Extractions of Civil Records for Malito, Consenza

Records of San Marco Argentano www.comune.sanmarcoarg...nd_arc.htm -

Extractions for San Marco Argentano, Cosenza

Records of Marano Marchesato www.rootsweb.ancestry....index.html -

Families from Marano Marchesato, Cosenza

Records of Marano Principato www.tenutafamily.com/ -

Tenuta Family Website: A site devoted to the Genealogical Research of the Abate, Borka, Cairo, Covelli, Guido, Nigro, Riffolo, Savaglio and Tenuta

San Fele Surname List www.rootsweb.ancestry....names.html

Sersale Vital Records sersale.org/vital.htm

Extractions of Sersale, Catanzaro Vital Records

Sersale Links www.sersale.org/comunes.htm – Transcribed Vital Records of Italian Towns Links

Sicilian Family Tree www.sicilianfamilytree.com/

Surname Databases homepages.rootsweb.anc...abases.htm Termini Imerese Database www.termini-imerese.org/

Database of all things related to Termini Imerese Sicily. Many pages require membership.

The Calabria Exchange www.calabriaexchange.com/ -

Hosts vital records for various comuni in the province of Reggio Calabria including Ardore, Bianco, Portigliola, Antonimina and more.

The Carini Exchange www.cariniexchange.com/ -

A portal to the comune of Carini Sicily. Records date back as far as 1500. Amazing site!

The Catanzaro Exchange www.catanzaroexchange.com/

Hosts vital records for Brognaturo, Cortale, Tropea and more.

The Consenza Exchange www.cosenzaexchange.com/ -

Hosts vital records for Montalto Uffugo as well as Rende. The site is expanding weekly.

The Italian Genealogical Group (IGG) www.italiangen.org/Default.htm -

The Italian Genealogical Group is an organization dedicated to furthering Italian family history and genealogy

Transcript Online transcripts-online.com/ -

Extractions for Verzino, Petrona, and San Vincenzo La Costa

Trentino www.trentinoheritage.com/ - Genealogy, Culture and Heritage

South American & Spanish Guides:

Appellidos Italianos www.apellidositalianos.com.ar/ – Italian Genealogy in Spanish

GenealItalia www.genealitalia.com/g...-line.html – Buscando Ancestros Italianos

Memorial do Imigrante www.memorialdoimigrante.sp.gov.br/

Projecto Imigrantes www.projetoimigrantes.com.br/

The Data Banks -

on Italian emigrants to the United States, Argentina and Brazil


Italian Surname Database

Calabria Exchange
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